The Team

The Trust

The Trust are our team on the ground in Malawi, taking care of the day to day operations of the charity as well as the development of the Learning Centre.  


Prosperous Chilewani

Prosperous Chilewani is Chairman of the Chifundo Trust. He has experience as a primary and nursery school teacher and has taught children of other Trust members. A father of five children, his employment is in the transport sector. He and his wife Lucy were instrumental in starting the Chifundo project from their friendship with John and Elaine Cogavin whom they had known through the International Movement for married spirituality – Equipes Notre-Dame. He provides strong support to the liaison process for all of the children.


Lucy Chilewani

Lucy Chilewani, wife of Prosperous has worked closely with him in the commencement of this project. Lucy is the mother of five children.  She is employed by Chifundo as a fulltime liaison to provide the link and support for the children in the programme with their parents, community, teachers and school management.

2018-FrancisFrancis Malecka

Francis Maleka is currently an Education Development officer in Malawi and has previous experience as a teacher, principal and also in the charitable sector.


Frackson Ntawanga

Frackson Ntawanga is a secondary school teacher and recently appointed Deputy Principal of his Government School. He is a teacher of English and Bible Studies. Frackson is also a Village Chief, an inherited tribal role which puts him in a position of valuable knowledge, responsibility and authority within the community. This unique mix of experience and authority brings a great deal of knowledge to the Trust and the work of Chifundo. 


Ignatio Bokosi

Ignatio Bokosi is a Catholic priest. He is parish priest of a vast rural parish which extends to over 500 square kilometers. The Parish has one Church and ten outstations where Mass is usually celebrated monthly. There are thirty nine thousand parishioners, with two priests. Father Ignatio has a great knowledge of the history and social problems in Malawi, and he brings great enthusiasm to the programme.

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