Educational Resource Centre construction is almost complete

Check out these photographs from the construction of Chifundo’s Educational Resource Centre. As you can see, the building is nearly there and the next stage. The team in Zomba are right in the middle of adding the roof to the structure and we will very soon move on to the next stage – preparing the interior fit out and finalizing the operational plan for the center.

When complete, the Center will be a multi-functional resource providing enhancement of the education and development of Chifundo’s students, who are enrolled across four different schools in Zomba. The centre will cater for extra-curricular activities like sports, additional tuition, farming, summer proects and social events, while also supporting our programme’s food preparation and distribution.

The team in Malawi have made great progress on the building of the Centre, despite the recent floods that hit Malawi. Thankfully, our team and community in Zomba were not badly affected by the floods.

Chifundo educational resource center


Chifundo edicational resource center

Malawi Field Trip 2014

Third World Chifundo Education Foundation Malawi Ireland "John Cogavin" "Elaine Cogavin" "John and Elaine Cogavin"
John and Elaine in class with some of the Chifundo kids and their teachers!

John and Elaine have returned from their adventure in Malawi and are over the moon with the progress that is being made on both the education project, and the rapidly developing Chifundo Learning Centre project!

The trip which lasted ten days including travel incorporated several planning sessions in

Chifundo Education Third World Development "Elaine Cogavin"
Elaine and some of the Chifundo Children

relation to the next stages of the Learning Centre project as well as visits to the current Chifundo students at their homes and schools. Each year it becomes more and more challenging to try to meet all the children during the trip, John and Elaine managed to meet and spend time with 39 of the forty children currently enrolled in the programme which is a great result.

Enthusiasm for the project and activity on the ground in Zomba is at an all-time high, with two resources – Lucy and Zinnenani – now employed to ensure that the Chifundo kids are getting the most out of their education. In parallel, the Chifundo Trust in Zomba, having successfully completed the initial project steps of acquiring a piece of land, clearing it, and erecting a wall to secure the perimeter, are now busy finalizing the design of the Learning Centre building and fit-out.


A large part of the land that the Center is being built on is made up of excellent quality, well-irrigated soil. Earlier this year, three parents of Chifundo students attended a five week crop farming programme kindly hosted by Wells for Zoe. These volunteers have already begun working the land at the Chifundo Centre and crops are already growing aplenty. (To read more about this programme please read the previous blog post here). Additionally, some chickens are now resident in the Chifundo Centre and it is projected that they should yield enough eggs to supply all of the Chifundo kids’ school lunches in future!

Chifundo Foundation Zomba Malawi Third World Education Development "John Cogavin" "Elaine Cogavin"
The children gather for a fun day at the site of the Chifundo Learning Centre

Elaine’s first Trip to Malawi

While this excursion marked John’s fifth trip to Malawi, this was Elaine’s very first journey there. An experienced world traveler, Elaine is a founder member of Chifundo and has been deeply involved in the Foundation’s development. Elaine relished the opportunity to see the development for herself and while she had already met some of the key members of the Chifundo Trust, she had never met any of the children or seen the schools.

Chifundo Malawi Education Development Elaine Cogavin
Planting the seed for a better future