Farm Developments

The Farm showed some great signs of progress this year. Not only had there been renewed efforts in terms of planning but also more and new produce had been grown and successfully sold at local markets.

As always, some of the nutritional farm produce is given to the children as part of their food packs & some of the produce is sold. This all the while helps foster a growing entreprenurial spirit, while also ensuring the nutritional well-being of the children.

A crop of Sugarcane thriving

One of the initiatives introduced this year was to involve parents more in the campus. An outcome of this saw some land set aside for the parents to grow some maize. Parents came to the centre to help grow & harvest the maize. They decided that these crops will be given out to families most in need should there be a poor harvest.

Tomatoes coming along nicely

It is a long-term goal of the foundation to have the campus and its running costs on the ground in Malawi become a self-sustaining exercise. Renewed efforts like this will continue to help us reach that goal, while also providing for the children and their families in times of need.

Chifundo Golf Classic 2019

Join us on Friday the 6th of September for the 10th Annual Chifundo Golf Classic.

Once again the wonderful Greystones Golf Club will play host to our biggest fundraiser of the year. This year the event has kindly been sponsored by Gerry McNamara.

We want to express our thanks to Gerry for this incredible gesture. This means that all entry fees & donations on the night will go directly to Malawi to help those most in need. The funds from this event will help pay for school fees, food packs, school clothes and many more things in between.

Fundraising In London

On Sunday 30th June, first time Chifundo volunteers, Laura and Josie, set up a stall at their school’s annual ‘Family Funday’ in Regent’s Park, London.

Having already received incredible support for this year’s trip from the pupils, staff and parents of their school, Ecole Jeannine Manuel, the event was a chance to continue to raise awareness about Chifundo as well as get a bit silly for a great cause!

Teachers from both the primary and secondary school gave up some of their Sunday to be at the mercy of the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ where kids could spin the wheel for a chance to sing karaoke with their teacher, challenge them to a hula-hoop competition or dress them up for a ridiculous selfie.

Congrats to Laura, Josie and all the staff for a fantastic day of family fun for the whole family!

Recent Workshops

In an effort to provide the children with valuable life skills, the Trust (the team of locals who run the day to day activities of the Foundation) recently held some workshops for the children to develop skills in two key areas; Tailoring & Carpentry. These are two important life skills to learn and the value in these week long workshops cannot be understated.

Some bags created in a recent tailoring workshop.

The Trust sought the involvement of a local tailor & carpenter as well as some parents proficient in both areas to impart their skills, knowledge and expeirence to the next generation. As always, the children were eager to learn and the outputs they created are amazing!

Some school desks made by the children.

The campus has been lacking desks and the carpentry workshop set out to fix this! Over the course of the workshop the children learned some valuable skills in this area, learning to use a saw, hammer & nails and other tools.

Initiatives like these are incredibly encouraging to see. It is vital that the children learn these valuable life skills. Similar to Ireland, not all children will be suited to, or chose to pursue higher education so the chance to gain experience and pick up some basic skills could help them get a job in these areas and ultimately allow them to provide for their families.

Perhaps the most encouraging thing is seeing the ideas for workshops being developed by the Trust and carried out with the larger Chifundo Community in Zomba. It is this sense of ownership and committment within the Chifundo Community on the ground in Zomba that will ensure the programmes untimate success – Make sure each child reaches their potential, whether that be in academia or learning a skill and advancing to the workplace.

Recent Campus Additions

We got some recent additions to the Chifundo Farm! And it looks like the new chicks are growing fast!!

In Malawi, a lot of care is required to successfully raise chicken as they can be quite susceptible to illness.

Most of these will go on to lay eggs, some of which will be set-aside to be included in the childrens food packs and the rest will be sold at the local market.

The revenue generated from the sale of all our farming outputs go right back into funding the running of the campus on the ground in Zomba

Fundraising in full swing!

Our teams of volunteers have been incredibly busy fundraising. Earlier this summer the first annual 5K park run was held in the Phoenix Park in Dublin!

Runners on the day includes past and present volunters as well as some friends! It is remarkable to see the comittment from everybody year-in-year-out and indeed the willingness of their friends to fundraise too! A sure sign that the Chifundo community is growing stronger each year.

Our runners all made it around in very respectable times and their fundrasing efforts have gone a long way in supporting the children in the Chifundo programme with payment of school fees, nutritional support as well as educational materials.

With the run being such a resounding success, we will be be making this an annual event. If you would like to help out in any way, or take part, please email