Chifundo has built a learning centre to support the education and development of the children participating in its programme. This centre, which was completed in 2016, is situated on a 3-acre plot of land with excellent natural resources in a location proximate to the homes and schools of the Chifundo children.



The centre offers a range of amenities to support Chifundo’s vision. It has become a safe haven for the children to congregate, receive additional tuition, learn skills through workshops and hands on activity including farming and craft work. Additionally, it offers a centralized location for the children to study, play and socialize together – an opportunity they would not otherwise have.

After support from many, the learning centre became the Chifundo Campus. Named by the first full team of volunteers. Who put together the first summer school providing invaluable learning in the way of the English language, music, art and sports.


This pioneering team of volunteers – in the summer of 2016 – oversaw the official opening of the campus and the future potential of the farming, sewing/tailoring, chicken/egg production to compliment the fruit and nutritional research for the future.


The learning centre is home to a growing expanse of educational resources. Which includes a library, computer room, musical and other learning facilities.


The site was purchased in May 2012 and the first phase construction got underway in June 2013.



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