Chifundo Concert Fundraiser – Pete & The Hobosapiens

This Friday the 6th of April at 8pm, Landsdowne Rugby Club are hosting a Charitable Fundraiser for the Chifundo Foundation. Pete and the Hobosapiens will take to the stage on the night supported by The Cardinals. It is the first visit to these shores for both of these groups who feature two of our Summer School volunteers Peter Cogavin and Freddy Cardozo. Tickets are 20 euro or a donation can be made at the door on the night. Come out for a great nights entertainment and support our cause once more!!

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Providing added nourishment


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In 2016 we brought an idea to the locals. To use the leaves of a locally grown tree, the Moringa Oleifera, to try and provide an extra source of nourishment to the children. We planted some trees on the Campus that summer and over the following 12 months received updates on their growth.

In summer 2017, the idea grew further. We were able to pick Moringa leaves, dry them and crush them to a powder. This powder is often found for sale at local markets in Zomba. We experimented with a number of ways to try and introduce Moringa to the children’s diets.

After some refinement, the most popular with the children turned out to be adding Moringa powder to fruit smoothies created from produce on our farm and through Flapjacks.

Since last years summer school, the locals have begun to build further on this. They are now incorporating some Moringa powder in smoothies and flapjacks for the children as well as educating them in the growth, maintenance and harvesting of the tree.

The images above were received in January. The rains had arrived and for that one time each year, Zomba was green!

Chifundo Newsletter 2017

A wonderful newsletter compiled with some of the images & experiences of the last 12 months of Chifundo. Highlights include; the 2017 Summer School, sales of agricultural produce, volunteer testimonies and successful fundraising efforts. The centre page is a collage of images of the amazing children and volunteers, collected over the course of the 2017 Summer School.

Click below to see the newsletter. (Note: The newsletter as it appears is set up to print for your convenience)

Chifundo Newsletter 2017


Great morning at the Chifundo Annual golf event! 

Winners Alright

Winners Alright: The Annual Chifundo Golf event was another roaring success. This is thanks in no small part to our loyal band of supporters who once again came out in force for a great cause. We were blessed with great golf and fine weather.

The day was made extra special when we were joined by some of this year’s volunteers who brought us the the latest news from Malawi. Their stories are an inspiration but it is your generosity that makes this all possible.

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A first time volunteer

Philip Bourke on his maiden voyage to Chifundo“Why are you doing it?” he asked, his eyes burning a hole in my conscience. I held his inquisitive gaze for a moment before I asked him to repeat the question. Not because I’d forgotten the question, I was simply buying some time as I figured out how best to respond. Continue reading “A first time volunteer”

Research Opportunity

Earlier this year Stephen Walsh with a team of research scientists from DIT won the Alltech Innovation award for their research project on the various Nutritional and curative values contained in the Moringa Tree. This tree grows lavishly around the Zomba area of Malawi and Stephen has volunteered to travel to the Summer School and continue their research at a field level while participating in the whole project.

That’s Stephen 3rd from Right:


London in the Spirit

Our volunteers continue their big Fund Raising efforts. This time Freddy, Dan, Ellie and Peter came together in Freddy’s home to lay on a pre- Brexit dinner and many friends joined them to raise funds, enjoy a meal and a lot of musical entertainment. London PartyLooks like they are enjoying themselves.The Volunteer Team IMG_6174

Kavanagh Family in Carnew

Ellie, her Mam and a host of friends came together at the Resource Centre in Carnew recently for an Afternoon tea event to raise funds for Ellie’s trip to Zomba as one of the volunteers to run the first Chifundo Summer School there and establish a new outreach of Learning for the Chifundo Children.

The result was a staggering €1,510 from one event. Fantastic! Thank you to all.

Ellie Thank you