Chifundo Sports Day 2017

Summer School 2017

With not long now until the 2 groups of volunteers descend on the Chifundo Campus for the 4 week long Summer School, its time for a reminder of one of the highlights of our trip last year.

The sports day saw the first time the children had experienced the traditional Irish Schools Sports Day! Enjoyed by All.

Sprints, backwards races, a slightly modified egg & spoon race as well as 3 legged races provided endless entertainment for us & enjoyment for the kids!

Zomba Summer School 2017

This years Summer School is planned from July 24th to August 18th 2017.

Already there are 12 volunteers committed to this great event. Now becoming an annual Learning Event.

Do join our volunteers in their fund raising events. A calendar of which you can follow here.

A good understanding of the great work of the Summer School can be drawn from the most recent blogs below:

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