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Chifundo Newsletter Dec 2015 FinalChifundo Newsletter Dec 2015 


Founded in 2007, Chifundo is dedicated to the education of some of the most underprivileged children in the villages of Zomba, Malawi. Originally focused on nursery/primary education, the Foundation is now committed to the continuous education of these children to secondary and vocational levels and beyond. Education is core to progress in Malawi as in all developing countries.

Third World Chifundo Education Foundation Malawi Ireland "John Cogavin" "Elaine Cogavin" "John and Elaine Cogavin"
John and Elaine in class with some of the Chifundo kids and their teachers!

Public education is universally free but poorly resourced. Because of the facilities and overcrowded classrooms the weaker members of the community do not enter and could not survive the environment.

Chifundo’s success is through providing a total support programme for the selected children to guarantee each child’s progress to realizing their full human potential. This involves providing books, uniforms, shoes and the transport necessary. The children are also provided with the nutritional, social, and emotional support necessary.

Field Trips

There is close regular communication between the members of the Chifundo Trust in Malawi and the members of the Board in Ireland who all volunteer their services freely to the project.  Board members of the Chifundo Foundation visit Zomba on a regular basis. These visits provide the opportunity to meet the children, their parents, guardians and teachers. They spend time with the Trust members on the ground and together they develop the strategic direction for the project and progress the steps for the overall betterment of the children and their education programme.


Chifundo’s broad vision is to influence the future of Malawi through the development of new leaders, to help extend the life expectancy and quality of life of the children and to develop a learning environment that will support the Chifundo children in all aspects of their educational development in growing to achieve their full potential.

Research has shown that in order to meet the key goals of Chifundo’s vision, the development of a Learning Centre where the children will have a place for homework, extra tuition, social development, skills training, farming activities and play was going to be a key element in the success of the overall project.

Chifundo in Ireland

Chifundo Foundation in Ireland is led by a Board of Directors with diverse expertise. This expertise includes educational, business, financial, organizational engineering and communication skills. Collectively they guide the overall direction of the programme bringing the necessary skills for the research and execution of all necessary projects to support the education of the children. This includes the education development, the dietary and nutritional needs, the social and emotional support, and more recently the construction of the Chifundo Learning Centre which is seen as a major and necessary support to the children’s educational development.

This dedicated group of people are backed up by a growing community of friends of the project who support all the various fundraising, research and delivery of all aspects of the programme.

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