Covid 19 Appeal for Help in Zomba

With effect on April 1st, the Board of Directors, in consultation with the Trust in Zomba have enacted a COVID 19 Support Plan. This supprt plan is targeted at providing the children of Chifundo & their families with some basic essentials like supplies of food, cleaning & hygiene products as well as some personal protective masks to wear during this ongoing pandemic.

Each family will receive a monthly support package (for further details on this package please see below) that equated to a value of €50 per family which equates to €3,500.00 per month. We will continue to monitor the situation taking onboard the advice of the Trust in Zomba.

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A Letter to our Donors

Thank you for your support over all the years. With confidence but with heavy hearts we send you this appeal for help in the midst of what is for all of us a very strange time.

For almost 15 years our work has provided the very best education opportunity for now 70 children in Zomba, Malawi. This includes their nutritional needs as well as school fees, uniforms, transport, extra-curricular activities etc. This has been a very enjoyable challenge thanks to the support of our many friends of Chifundo, like you.

Normally we depend on regular fundraising activities during the year, however since the Corona Virus struck, already five events have been cancelled, depleting our resources.

Suddenly, all is changed; the virus which is having a serious impact on all of us is having a devastating impact on these children and their families in Zomba. Instead of transporting them to school and providing all the necessary supports we are now faced with the reality of having them locked down in their home villages with nothing. Families who are locked down in their homes and not allowed travel to the local village to trade, scavenge or barter for their basic survival needs, will starve. Like us they are meant to social distance, which is virtually impossible for them.

In consultation with our local Trust in Zomba, and our Board of Directors here, we have decided from the beginning of April to impliment a Covid 19 Support Plan to include the families of all the children. This includes giving each family a bag of maize, a small bucket of dried fish, 4 kg of Beans, cooking oil, table salt, sugar and other nutritional foods every month to help them in their struggle to stay alive. Further to this additional support, we have also included basic hygiene requirements such as sanitisers, soaps, a bucket per house to draw water from the local stream or well, masks, etc. Our tailoring teacher is already in the Campus workshop making masks from a pattern which we emailed to them earlier. 

Inspired by your generosity in the past and the contribution of our work together to educate some of the poorest of the poor to achieve their full potential, we invite you to contribute towards this special appeal and again work together to….Change a Future….

Some suggestions on how to help are shown below.

Thanks and best wishes for your health and safety.

From all at Chifundo.

Our extra Covid 19 commitment in Zomba from the 1st April is:

To help protect the lives and safety of our children and their families in the poorest of environments during the Pandemic we have committed a monthly support fund extending to each home of our 70 children:

The parents arrived to campus to collect valuable supplies


  • 1 Bag of Maize
  • Small bucket of dried fish.
  • 4 kg Beans
  • Cooking oil, table salt, Sugar.
  • Other nutrional foods .


  • Large bucket to fetch water and provide washing point in home.
  • Hand sanitisers.
  • Soaps and cleansers
  • Masks. Our tailor has started making them in the Campus.

Many of these families live for their daily bread.

Have you made some savings?

Monthly petrol bill!

Daily Coffees/ scones etc.!

Visit to Barber or Hairdresser!

Bus or Rail Travel!

Refund from Health Insurers!

Children’s sports activities!

Children’s parties!

Holiday cancellations!

Personal trainer or Joe Wicks!

Occasional meal out!

Visits to the Pub!

Golf competition fees!

There must be more….

How you can help?

Our additional outlay in Euro is €50 per family x 70. This is €3,500 each month. We would welcome your support for our often forgotten people at such a sad time

You can send a donation now to:

  1. Our address on the front of page.  
  2. To the Chifundo Bank Account:

Beneficiary  Name: Chifundo Foundation CLG

Account Number :               90479114

Sort Code:                             90 11 83

Swift address:                       BOFIIE2D

IBAN:                    IE43 BOFI 9011 8390 479               114

3.     Donate directly on our website: or simply click the PayPal button below!

Thank you and Keep Safe.

Change a Future…

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