Fundraising In London

On Sunday 30th June, first time Chifundo volunteers, Laura and Josie, set up a stall at their school’s annual ‘Family Funday’ in Regent’s Park, London.

Having already received incredible support for this year’s trip from the pupils, staff and parents of their school, Ecole Jeannine Manuel, the event was a chance to continue to raise awareness about Chifundo as well as get a bit silly for a great cause!

Teachers from both the primary and secondary school gave up some of their Sunday to be at the mercy of the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ where kids could spin the wheel for a chance to sing karaoke with their teacher, challenge them to a hula-hoop competition or dress them up for a ridiculous selfie.

Congrats to Laura, Josie and all the staff for a fantastic day of family fun for the whole family!

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