Last year Peter and John worked with the Trustees in Zomba preparing the first use of the Learning Centre as an educational resource for our young students in Malawi. Peter was so enthused by the experience of teaching these young Chifundo children that he committed then to returning with a team of like minded individuals to run a Summer School at the Centre. This 2016 School should be the first of many. The programme to compliment the education already being provided by Chifundo will help fulfill the vision to ensure that each of these children from the poorest villages in the world will achieve their full potential through the most comprehensive education.

Pioneering Volunteers.

The team of pioneering volunteers are already busy preparing the programme. It will include as well as core subjects, music and song, art and cultural exchange, lots of sports activities and also an element of research to guide the development of the Chifundo Programme into the future. Scroll below for video from last year.


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