Field Trip to Malawi this May

John and Elaine Cogavin of Chifundo Foundation in Ireland are traveling to Malawi this May in order to work with the team there on the next steps in the development of the Chifundo Learning Centre!

2013 saw a great deal of progress in relation to the project, which will serve to create a central location in the townland of Zomba for the Chifundo students to congregate, study, paricipate in workshops and play. Chifundo has acquired a suitable piece of land and has constructed a secure wall around the perimeter. The next stages – to install electricity and running water, to construct the main building and to adapt the land to allow for play areas as well as areas for vegetable farming and the keeping of live-stock.

While this will be John’s fifth journey to Malawi on behalf of Chifundo, it is Elaine’s first trip there. Elaine is really looking forward to meeting the adults that manage and the children that participate in the Chifundo programme. Elaine knows many of these people well from a distance and cannot wait to start meaningfully developing these friendships during her visit.

While there, John and Elaine will have time to visit the students at their schools and in many cases will also see them at their homes. Traditionally, on these field trips, we bring a gift to each of the children – usually a small toy or game suitable for each child’s age. Elaine has always sourced, wrapped and packed these gifts – now its her turn to deliver them in person!

We wish John and Elaine all the very best with their upcoming trip!

Pic: Elaine arranging and wrapping gifts for the Chifundo children ahead of a previous trip.wall malawi

Pic: The Wall around the perimeter under construction (now complete)



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