Chifundo parents travel to Wells For Zoë crop farming Programme

Chifundo Foundation is delighted to announce that three of its local team in Zomba have traveled to Northern Malawi to participate in a programme offered by Wells for Zoë (

The programme, which provides invaluable information and experience in relation to the farming of crops suitable for Malawi’s climate and terrain will take place over 5 weeks on the Lusangazi farm in Mzuzu, Malawi.

Wells for Zoë is an excellent Irish charity based mainly  in Northern Malawi and focused on enabling the rural poor to access clean, safe, drinking water. It also does great work   with women’s self-help clusters which includes conservation farming. We at Chifundo are delighted to be aligned with Wells for Zoë and are very grateful for this opportunity which they have generously offered to us.

The programme will give training on the best crops to grow and how to go about sourcing them. Additionally, there will be training on how to grow plants that provide the basis for fertiliser and pest-control on a natural and native basis. Wells for Zoë will also allow the participants return with some citrus fruit crop seedlings to plant back in Zomba. The participants will return with a great deal of knowledge and confidence in relation to sustainable crop farming techniques which will be engendered in our educational and nutritional programmes.

The three particpants from Chifundo are parents of children that are currently receiving education through Chifundo: Don Mankhokwe (father of Shadreck Mankhokwe), Lusungu Ndovi, mother of Glory Disi), and Zione Khomera  (mother of Emily Musa). We wish them all the best on their trip to Mzuzu.


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